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PUXING PX-D03 Cell Phone Radio Dual Band w/MP3 Player

Frequency Range: VHF/UHF 136-174/400-470MHz
Transceiver U+V dual band
128 channels
PC programming
Dual sim cards,dual standby
MP3 Player
human-based opearational interface
cell phone+transceiver
camerra built-in
FM radio (87.5mhz ~ 108mhz)
TV player
Entertainment and Games
Short message send/receive

Receiving part Units Typical Limits
Receiver sensitivity (12 dB SINAD) dBm -122 ≤-120
Open sensitivity (SQ1) dBm -123 ≤-120
Close sensitivity (SQ1) dBm -124 ≥-126
Maximum audio output(8R single-ended load point) V 1.5 ≤1.7
Audio distortion(output of 1.2V) % 5 ≤10
Maximum signal to noise ratio(Narrowband/Broadband) dB 50/50 48/48
Receiving bottom noise mV 30 ≤50
DCS receiver sensitivity KHz 0.2
CTCSS receiver sensitivity(Narrowband/Broadband) KHz 0.2/0.35
Adjacent channel suppression dB -60 -60
Receiving the maximum current(1.5Kz dev.) mA 350 ≤400
Standby current mA 70 ≤75
Low voltage directive V 3.4 3.4-3.5

Emission part(test power supply voltage 4.0V) Units Typical Limits
RF power UHF W 1.8 ≥1.7
VHF W 1.8 ≥1.5
Frequency error HZ 300 500
Emission current UHF A 1.3 ≤1.4
VHF A 1.3 ≤1.4
Audio modulation sensitivity MV 10 ≤20-
Audio maximum deviation(Narrowband/Broadband) KHZ 2.3/4.7 ≤2.5/5.0
Audio distortion % 2.5 5
Residual frequency offset(300-3KHz) KHz 0.05 0.1
CTCSS/CDCSS frequency offset (Narrowband/Broadband) KHz 0.5/0.7 0.4-0.9
Adjacent channel power(Narrowband/Broadband) Db -60/-60 -60/-60
Maximum signal to noise ratio(Narrowband/Broadband) dB 45/42 42/40
Residual wave radiation db -65 -60
Antenna current mA 1200 140
Charge current(5Vrechargeable battery voltage3.6-3.7) mA 400 350-400


(1) GSM Mobile phone:

Network Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Screen: 2.2 inch QCIF screen: 176*220
Camera: Built-in 0.3 Mega pixel camera at front
Platform: MT6223C
Flashlight: Yes
Handsfree: Yes
Telecom Features:
Mobile Internet: WAP
Messaging: SMS / MMS
Memory: NOR FLASH 128Mb+PSRAM 32Mb , support 2GB TF card to expand memory
Multimedia: FM Radio, Camera, Image viewer, Video player, Audio player, Sound recorder
Pre-loaded Apps: Calendar, To do list, Alarm, Calculator, Unit converter, Currency converter, World clock, E-book reader
Fun & Games: Mahjong
Languages: English, Chinese
Dimension: walkie talkie phone: 11.30*5.2*0.8CM.
Phone weigh: 58.5G, phone+walkie talkie weigh: 177.00G.
Size of box:20.5*5.6*22.00Cm, weigh of box: 665 g.

(2) Walkie Talkie

Frequency Range:
UHF: 400 ~ 470MHz
VHF: 136 ~ 174MHZ
Frequency Step value: 5/6.25/12.5/25KHz
Frequency Stability: 2.5PPM (-20 C -60 C)
Modulation: FM
Speaker impedance: 8 Ω
Antenna Impedance: 50 Ω
Use to walkie talkie within three kilometers

Standard test conditions:

Standard supply voltage: 3.7 Vdc
Test temperature ambient temperature: 25oC 5oC
Standard audio signal: 1KHz

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